4* Star review for ‘Hatched’

Hatched is a horrifying book that will terrify most everyone.

Hatched is a horrifying book that will terrify most everyone. Small spiders that scurry around invisible to everyone – that is until you are infected then you see them. Then it is too late.

The thought of spiders crawling all over and in one’s body is terrifying. Reading this book is like knowing that you sat next to someone with chickenpox or lice or some other itch inducing thing. You can’t help but scratch – at first you don’t notice it, but then you realize what you’ve been doing. Then you stop, take stock of what is around you and peer closely at the speck on your arm or on the floor next to your feet —- is that a spider or a bump? Did my flesh just move? What is that by my feet?

God forbid, is it a small mound of black ash????

One cannot read this book without experiencing some of these questions; sometimes repeatedly!

There are lots of terrifying things in our world but to imagine a world where spiders crawl or are absorbed whole into your body to multiply and procreate thousands upon thousands is horrifying on its own. By the time you see the spiders IT IS TOO LATE to do anything.

There is no clear answer where the spiders came from – outer space, government experiment gone awry or mother nature getting back at humans? Reminiscent of Return of the Living Dead there is a lone woman waiting in a room six hours a day, three days a week waiting on the phone to ring. It never rings …. until today.

The plot was well thought out – there are a few rough spots but nothing that will detract from the reading. There are a few additional story lines that the author spends time on but always comes back to the darn spiders.

The narrator was excellent. Spoke clearly and smoothly.

The audio production was excellent as well, no glitches.

Audiobook provided for review by the publisher.
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Hatched is currently $.99 on Kindle and can be purchased in audio for an additional $1.99

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