Inside the Mirrors – a 5* Review

Here is one of my favorite reviews for my first novel, Inside the Mirrors

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Firstly, I’ll start with a quick overview of the three audiobooks available in this universe. 

The first is Inside the Mirrors. The main character of this is Rob Aletto, an ex-Chicago cop and now small town part time cop. It is a standalone story to the following two books, but does provide a common character for all three books.

Next is Hatched, the first book in the Invisible Spiders series. This book has Rob Aletto in a more or less cameo appearance, and is set in a town about 30 miles away from Standard, the setting for the Inside the Mirrors.

Finally is Caught in the Web. This book has the author listed as Jason Davis as opposed to the other two which list the author as Jason R Davis, so an author link search in Audible won’t show all three books. This book also features Rob Aletto as a lead character.

Hatched plus Caught in the Web form a completed story arc, not a cliffhanger ending. It did leave me pondering what direction will be taken next.

I got Caught in the Web as a review copy, and seeing it was part two, I purchased Part 1 to listen to that first. Then the narrator kindly pointed out that Inside the Mirrors was related and also offered me a review copy of that, which I gladly accepted.

Inside the Mirrors was a pretty good standalone horror novel, which resonated well with me, both from an early childhood fascination with mirrors, plus my love of the world of Silent Hill. Frankly, I found the depiction and use of mirrors in Silent Hill 2 and 3 pretty terrifying. The mirror theme here was somewhat similar and well presented, but I still found the ideas fresh, both in that is no way just redid the Silent Hill type concept, and that I hadn’t seen these ideas in other books. Rob Aletto is a main character in this book, along with his wife Robin, and an ex-resident-turned-drifter who has returned to Standard. Of the three books, I think I prefer this one the best.

The narration was enjoyable, and I found it engaging, and had no issues understanding of having to re listen to passages. Voices were conveyed well enough.

To wrap up, I think all three books form a good read. Inside the Mirrors could be skipped from the Invisible Spiders books, but it really does provide a better background to the lead character in Caught in the Web.

-an listener

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