Friday Flash Fiction: Demon Down

My first attempt at a flash fiction story now published at Breaking Fate Publishing.

Breaking Fate Publishing

Demon Down

by Jason R. Davis

The loud scream pierced through the echoing chamber as the woman stared up at the large vicious looking teeth. Drool oozed down the glistening white and dripping from the open mouth.

It was moving closer. The woman was right under it, looking at the large creature that stood over her. The amphibian like thing was ugly and disgusting in its own right, but all she could see was the long row of teeth as they slowly lowered to her.

The woman screamed again as she heard the rumbling of its growl, and then another scream came, this one different. This one came from his own room.

Dennis turned to look at the open door to his room and there he saw the latest screaming woman. It was his mother and she was standing there with her mouth open in shock and her face locked…

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