Review: Born to Magic

**** Stars

Born to Magic is an amazing combination of both sci/fi and fantasy that creates a world that I can not wait to read more into.
Areena is barely eighteen and already she is looking to be named queen of her land. However, visions have come and a an old evil is coming back to plague the land. Areena is the prophesied one and must go do her spiritual journey to prepare her and Mikaal for this coming darkness.
As I previously stated, I feel this is an amazing fantasy read. Often in most fantasy novels, it hints about another time and loosely ties in to modern life, but this novel opening uses modern science to work in to the storyline. It weaves it in, setting up for what is a great on going storyline. The characters are interesting, though they all feel a little flat. There needs to be some humor sparkled in to make it not so serious throughout. Really though, it works well without it and I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy and sci/fi.

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