Something Wicked, Something New…

Starting next week I will be doing something new on this page. It will be similar to something I tried to do with Wattpad while I was writing Into Darkness, but on a larger scale.

I will start posting weekly snippets of my next novel, “Dead Friends.” The book is unfinished, but the goal is to post a chapter a week and allow everyone the chance to read it, give feedback as well as point out grammar, spelling issues and just odd turn’s of phrase I sometimes use. All feedback is welcome.

Some of what will be post may or may not be included in the final novel when its released, most will. It will be a collaboration of reader and author and you get to see the behind the scenes on how my mind works. Well most of it anyways. I’m not going to upload my chapter notes and things like that. With how chaotic those notes are, I am probably doing you a favor.

So check back each week as every Tuesday something should be posted.

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