Art of Equality

Breaking Fate Publishing is calling writer’s willing to submit uplifting work for this new anthology. I’m hoping to have something ready and I hope other author’s will join me.

Breaking Fate Publishing

Deadline: January 19th, 2018

We are looking for entries for our latest Breaking Fate anthology, Art of Equality.  Art of Equality is an anthology focusing on Equality for all. LGBTQ, all races, all religions, all sexes. We are ALL human, let’s stop the hate. We welcome stories from everyone with open minds and open hearts. We are all special and awesome. We will embrace knowledge, love and understanding. We will fight against ignorance, bigotry, bullying and hate. Together we WILL make ourselves and our world a better place for everyone.

We will do this in many parts. Breaking Fate Entertainment is bringing you the Art of Equality Film Festival and Convention. We will be bringing in speakers, vendors, filmmakers and artists. We are also organizing this collection of work, an anthology filled with stories of people coming together to overcome adversity.

Together we will help each other get through this…

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