Need some help…

Okay everyone, I need some help writing my current novel. I’m working on a chapter where I need a my main character to be really upset by something her best friend says to her… They are college aged, so what would be something a woman would tell another woman that would upset her.

I’m thinking something in the way of how the one girl would say to someone else that she knew would hurt her emotionally. This will really help me get into the mind of these two characters.

Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Need some help…

  1. Subtle and cloaked as a compliment. A very backhanded slight. Something along the lines of one girl saying ‘I can never find a size 2! You are so lucky your size is everywhere’. ‘I wish i could just blend into the background like you. I just can’t think. Everyone is always demanding my attention.’ This would be said knowing the girl is sensitive about her size or felt unnoticed. Comments totally designed to make a dig without being overt. This could be applied to any conversation or situation, just an example. This however how college girls operate. Good luck.


    1. That could work. Especially since I want to use this as a catalyst for a flashback for them becoming friends and one of them’s mother is a huge factor.

      I don’t have any of that planned out more than a general idea right now, but it gives me some ideas.


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