New name, new site, same ol’ story…

Something I have wrestled with since I started writing and posting my young adult fiction novel, Here There Be Dragons is having young readers venture onto the same website as Dead Friends. Dead Friends is violent, has sexual content, and not meant for young readers. Most of my horror writing is adult in nature. In addition, once reviewer had commented, calling me the creator of nightmares, and I have run with it as my tagline. How can I run my site, promoting work that is meant to inspire nightmares, while simultaneously writing a young adult stories about dealing with nightmares. It didn’t feel right to me.

So last night I created the pen name and the website for David Westdale, a young adult author writing a Dream Chasers series of books with the first book entitled, Here There Be Dragons. If you would like to follow that site as well, I am still and always looking for feedback on all my fiction. You can find Mr. Westdale at I haven’t set up a full site yet as I’m waiting to see how this works out before putting a lot of time into it.

Thank You for reading,

Jason R. Davis

2 thoughts on “New name, new site, same ol’ story…

    1. Yeah, but I’m not going to stress over promoting the YA stuff too much. Not until I’m a few novels in. Right now it’s just an experiment to see if I can.


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