A Season End…

Next week I will be posting the end of part 2 in my current project, Dead Friends. With the end of part 2, and having posted the first 22 chapters, what would be a full season if this was television, I will be taking a break from posting new chapters. The break will consist of nearly a complete month as I work on finishing part 3.

During the break, I will be posting ‘reruns’ to try and bring new readers into the series. I know that the Table of Contents are posted on the main page, but new posts bring new page views. Also, as some have commented and messaged me, they have missed parts, this will give them a chance and the opportunity to read through again and see what they have missed.

I will try to keep the auto sharing to social media turned off. I may not always catch it, but if so, I will probably delete the posts afterward. I don’t want to spam my current followers unnecessarily.

As always, I enjoy your comments and feedback. I love to talk to everyone about different aspects of the story. Its great when you get involved, and don’t be afraid to point out typos. I try to catch them, but I know I miss a lot of them. This is the rough draft and the story itself will go through many rewrites before it even sees the editors desk.

So thank you for reading, and enjoy…

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