Here be Dragons: Chapter 5

And for our Young Adult fiction fans out there, here is the latest chapter in Here Be Dragons…

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

David Westdale

“No! Stop! Please!”

Riley was suddenly awake, the room around her dark, but the screams she heard were unmistakable. She had heard the cries for help and they had pulled her quickly from her own dreams.  

It was Bruce, she hadn’t recognized his voice at first until she realized just what room she was in. She was still in the hospital. Her side of the room was dark. The door was closed, and when she looked over, she could see Bruce in the little bit of light that came in behind him from the window.  

Bruce was thrashing around like he was fighting for dear life. He was asleep, Riley was pretty sure of that, but it looked like he was fighting something and it was really kicking the crap out of him.

“Hey man, you okay?” 

“Get away from me!  Stop!” Bruce was crying and…

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