Here be Dragons: Chapter 12

Chapters 1-12 now online for Here be Dragons

David Westdale

Enter the world of the dream chasers. It is a dark place where nightmares can kill you and if the dream chasers don’t stop them, you may never wake up…

Now enter, as here there be dragons and they’re waiting for you….


Hours later, after calming the anger filled creature that was Riley’s aunt, Alice, she was home. She wished she was home and in her bed, but her aunt was quick to say no to that idea. “Just because you have a cast on your leg doesn’t mean you can’t wash the dishes.”

It had been hard, oh so very hard to bite back the retort that ‘we have a dishwasher, so I don’t need to lean against the sink and my crutches washing them by hand.’ Riley had wanted to point it out to her, but it had only taken a look at the glare on her…

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