2020 Writing Update

Still here and going strong! As we near June, I thought I would update everyone how the year has progressed (ignoring all the outside distractions)…

Here Be Dragons has been released and is doing well. So I’m very happy about that. So much so that I over half way through the rough draft for its follow up, Here Be Frogs. There’s a chance that the second book will be out this year, but my goal is February 2020.

Dead Friends rough draft is done. I’m waiting to edit and prepare this book for publication until I’m done with Here Be Dragons. My initial goal for that had been the end of May, but HbF is progressing so well that I do not want to take a break until it’s done. Should be mid June anyway, so only a couple of weeks delayed. I’m still hoping to have this ready for an October release.

And now the big news….

I am looking forward to returning to the third book in the Invisible Spiders and work diligently on this book for a 2021 release. I’m really glad I held of on working on this book as I feel like this current pandemic has helped me expand on some of the ideas I had been writing when I took a break from writing it. As it stands, I’m 1/6th of the way through writing it when I stepped away from the story and I feel that much of what I started with will be in the final release.

I’m ready and I look forward to returning to the world of Invisible Spiders. Will you be ready?

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