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Just read a great review for my novel Hatched…

“The book Hatched is the first in a series about the zombie apocalypse. There are a ton, dare I say WAY TOO DAMN MANY, zombie things out there. Luckily for us, this is unlike any you have ever read.” – James Amthor

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5 Stars for “Caught in the Web”

The latest review for “Caught in the Web”… I truly love her enthusiasm.

“OMG I just don’t even know where to start!! This book Scared Me and Creeped Me Out and Kept Me Wanting More!! I did not read book one so I was not sure if I was going to be okay. Well I WAS!! Just when you thought there could not be another spin on the Zombie Genre Jason Davis Does It!! I am left with SERIOUS ARACHNOPHOBIA after reading this book. Imagine being quarantined in a town and not knowing it. Then you have spider eggs that are hatching around you caring a virus that will turn you. You are sitting in a bar that you think is safe trying to figure things out. Will you make it? Will the Spiders get you. Is the Military you friend or foe. After reading this book every time a see a spider web I will be doing a double look forsure. The narrator of this book did a great job. I will have to get first book!! Yet this book was Creeping Spectacular” – An Amazon review

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“Psychosis, Spiders and Zombies, Oh My!” – 5 Star Review for Hatched

“I was interested in this book based on the cover art and title alone, and they do not disappoint. ‘Hatched’ is a unique take on a parasitic invasion that affects humans in ways that are horrifying and hard to predict. I read a lot of content in this genre and I’m always on the hunt for a unique take on a cliche – this is the one for zombie lore. I’ve consumed an absurd amount of this kind of content and there is nothing out there like this that I’ve found. If you like horror, have a fear spiders and enjoy a thrilling, spine tingling (literally) adventure, then ‘Hatched’ is the story for you! Darren Marlar gives a stellar performance.” -Simone K (

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Hatching some positive reviews…

Hatched has had a string of really positive reviews lately and I thought I would share a few of them with you…

5 Stars

Creepy, Crawly, Heebee, Jeebees In The Best Possible Way

This book was gloriously creepy. The idea of a viral spider outbreak just makes my skin crawl. For a story to illicit the amount of fidgeting and searching for that ever elusive spider crawling down your back, it is amazing.

A very original idea that was executed in a fast paced, character driven story. Can’t ask for more than that. I highly recommend this book.


4 Stars

Interesting concept and take on zombies!

I’ve read just about every zombie book around on audible. One of my favorite genres. This book was so far different than the others and that’s what made it awesome. It was cool seeing the becoming a zombie part of the story as you don’t really see that in other books. Story left off at a point where you definitely want more. Oh ya and I’m terrified of spiders and that made this book hard to get through…. In a good way lol.


5 Stars


I hate spiders! Even more now that I listened to this audible.
A unique idea for the start of a new horror series.

The narrator does a wonderful job with his narration.


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New 5 Star Review for HATCHED

“Ziggy Stardust ain’t got nothing on this tale. This story should really be a page from the great 90’s RPG All Flesh Must be Eaten. That game took and added zombied to different genres. It also came up with some brilliant alternate reasons for zombies to have come about, and this book adds Arachnaphobia with All Flesh. It works on a lot of different levels, and the creep factor really digs deep under your skin. If you have an aversion to creepy crawlies then this book isn’t for you. You won’t be able to sleep afterward; just because of the thoughts it will implant in your head.

If I had my guess, this would be the start of a series, or at least a part of a series of books, just because somethings aren’t tied up so neatly as you’d expect and if that is the case I am excited, because this was a great story.

Marlar does a great job with the narration. There are a lot of characters in this story, and he doesn’t make you guess which is in the lead at the time. He is easy to follow and he keeps your attention.

Fans of zombies, voodoo, and arachnids will really enjoy this book, but then so will any horror junkie.

READ IT NOW!!!” – Ray Johnson posted to

Hatched is free to read with Kindle Unlimited or to listen with an audible subscription.

Pulled into the Lair…

Here is my latest interview as I was featured today on Ursula K. Raphael’s literary blog “AstraDaemon’s Lair.” She reviewed Into Darkness and also asked a few questions, but you can read all of that on her site.

AstraDaemon’s Lair

Inside the Mirrors – a 5* Review

Here is one of my favorite reviews for my first novel, Inside the Mirrors

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Firstly, I’ll start with a quick overview of the three audiobooks available in this universe. 

The first is Inside the Mirrors. The main character of this is Rob Aletto, an ex-Chicago cop and now small town part time cop. It is a standalone story to the following two books, but does provide a common character for all three books.

Next is Hatched, the first book in the Invisible Spiders series. This book has Rob Aletto in a more or less cameo appearance, and is set in a town about 30 miles away from Standard, the setting for the Inside the Mirrors.

Finally is Caught in the Web. This book has the author listed as Jason Davis as opposed to the other two which list the author as Jason R Davis, so an author link search in Audible won’t show all three books. This book also features Rob Aletto as a lead character.

Hatched plus Caught in the Web form a completed story arc, not a cliffhanger ending. It did leave me pondering what direction will be taken next.

I got Caught in the Web as a review copy, and seeing it was part two, I purchased Part 1 to listen to that first. Then the narrator kindly pointed out that Inside the Mirrors was related and also offered me a review copy of that, which I gladly accepted.

Inside the Mirrors was a pretty good standalone horror novel, which resonated well with me, both from an early childhood fascination with mirrors, plus my love of the world of Silent Hill. Frankly, I found the depiction and use of mirrors in Silent Hill 2 and 3 pretty terrifying. The mirror theme here was somewhat similar and well presented, but I still found the ideas fresh, both in that is no way just redid the Silent Hill type concept, and that I hadn’t seen these ideas in other books. Rob Aletto is a main character in this book, along with his wife Robin, and an ex-resident-turned-drifter who has returned to Standard. Of the three books, I think I prefer this one the best.

The narration was enjoyable, and I found it engaging, and had no issues understanding of having to re listen to passages. Voices were conveyed well enough.

To wrap up, I think all three books form a good read. Inside the Mirrors could be skipped from the Invisible Spiders books, but it really does provide a better background to the lead character in Caught in the Web.

-an listener

4* Star review for ‘Hatched’

Hatched is a horrifying book that will terrify most everyone.

Hatched is a horrifying book that will terrify most everyone. Small spiders that scurry around invisible to everyone – that is until you are infected then you see them. Then it is too late.

The thought of spiders crawling all over and in one’s body is terrifying. Reading this book is like knowing that you sat next to someone with chickenpox or lice or some other itch inducing thing. You can’t help but scratch – at first you don’t notice it, but then you realize what you’ve been doing. Then you stop, take stock of what is around you and peer closely at the speck on your arm or on the floor next to your feet —- is that a spider or a bump? Did my flesh just move? What is that by my feet?

God forbid, is it a small mound of black ash????

One cannot read this book without experiencing some of these questions; sometimes repeatedly!

There are lots of terrifying things in our world but to imagine a world where spiders crawl or are absorbed whole into your body to multiply and procreate thousands upon thousands is horrifying on its own. By the time you see the spiders IT IS TOO LATE to do anything.

There is no clear answer where the spiders came from – outer space, government experiment gone awry or mother nature getting back at humans? Reminiscent of Return of the Living Dead there is a lone woman waiting in a room six hours a day, three days a week waiting on the phone to ring. It never rings …. until today.

The plot was well thought out – there are a few rough spots but nothing that will detract from the reading. There are a few additional story lines that the author spends time on but always comes back to the darn spiders.

The narrator was excellent. Spoke clearly and smoothly.

The audio production was excellent as well, no glitches.

Audiobook provided for review by the publisher.
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Hatched is currently $.99 on Kindle and can be purchased in audio for an additional $1.99

Latest 5* review!

Ursula K. Raphael was kind enough to review one of my Kindle Singles currently available on Amazon and I just can’t help myself, I have to share it.

“The Rest Area by Jason Davis is the perfect short story, I thought, to acknowledge the upcoming road trip season. Davis has always been a favorite author of mine, known well for great lines, such as,

“He was the Frankenshit, hurrying to an outhouse near you, trying to make it before that brown stain would creep down his pant leg.”

That’s right. A trucker desperately has to take a dump, and the closest rest area is…well, a dump. I think those of us who frequent the highways have all encountered at least one bathroom that is so bad, we have flashbacks to every movie death taking place in a disgusting restroom we’ve ever seen. You know, the kind of bathroom that makes taking a dump on a the side of a road far more appealing.

Make no mistake, it’s a horror story, complete with terror and gore, but Davis’ dark humor had me laughing out loud like a deranged patient at an asylum. What really blew my mind is the surprise ending…never saw it coming.

I definitely recommend this story to all readers, especially if you’re planning a long drive…” – Ursula K. Raphael (a top Amazon reviewer)

Available as a Kindle Single or included in my Last Exit anthology.