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Free for a limited time! My first young adult novel is currently free for the next 5 days. Available for your kindle to help you survive those roast trips and family outings!

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“Love it. Just like being in one of my dreams. I feel bad for people who don’t remember theirs. Well written. Full of lots of imagery and fast-paced. Realistic characters demonstrate an understanding of the teenage perspective.“

Fear the zombie spiders…

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Beware the 13th

Happy Friday everyone, and to celebrate both April’s Fools (belatedly) and Friday the 13th taking place in April, I am giving away a free book! What better way to celebrate than with something scary.

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A Season End…

Next week I will be posting the end of part 2 in my current project, Dead Friends. With the end of part 2, and having posted the first 22 chapters, what would be a full season if this was television, I will be taking a break from posting new chapters. The break will consist of nearly a complete month as I work on finishing part 3.

During the break, I will be posting ‘reruns’ to try and bring new readers into the series. I know that the Table of Contents are posted on the main page, but new posts bring new page views. Also, as some have commented and messaged me, they have missed parts, this will give them a chance and the opportunity to read through again and see what they have missed.

I will try to keep the auto sharing to social media turned off. I may not always catch it, but if so, I will probably delete the posts afterward. I don’t want to spam my current followers unnecessarily.

As always, I enjoy your comments and feedback. I love to talk to everyone about different aspects of the story. Its great when you get involved, and don’t be afraid to point out typos. I try to catch them, but I know I miss a lot of them. This is the rough draft and the story itself will go through many rewrites before it even sees the editors desk.

So thank you for reading, and enjoy…

My 15 Minutes…

If you follow my facebook page, then you would have seen that I was featured in the Lasalle-Peru newspaper, the News Tribune. I had been interviewed a while back and knew that they had planned on publishing a piece, but I had not known the extent. When I had posted the link to their website on my Facebook page, I hadn’t seen the article, but only the online piece.

Click Here for the full article

It was a much larger piece than I had expected, and thought I would share it. Thank you to the News Tribune for giving me so much space. It is amazing to see it.

For more updates…

To the January Giveaway. I will be contacting winners soon through email. I thank everyone who participated and am humbled by those who continue to follow me and my work. I hope you continue reading.

As too Dead Friends…

The biggest forthcoming change is that starting next week, I will be posting a chapter ahead on my Patreon for those who are contributing. I’m not doing it to punish those who read for free, but instead want to give thanks to those who are paying to support my endeavors. I will still be posting free chapters to this page at the same regular intervals.

In addition, I’m going to be working on a Table of Contents for Dead Friends so that those who haven’t checked back in awhile while have a quick way of getting to the chapter you were on. We are going to soon be over 20 chapters, and I have already written 100,000 words of the story (or close to it) so there will be plenty to read. I hope that you continue to do so and continue to offer me great feedback into the story.

And now, I will talk about the nut house, or actually, The Nut Job. I have agreed to join the yet untitled universe of Gear Dreary. This is a post-apocalyptic future story currently being written by Mike Ennenbach. Once I am caught up on a few writing projects, I will be collaborating with him and adding some fiction to his ever increasing world. So that you can get your feet wet into that world, I will be sharing some of his fiction regularly to this site. I hope you enjoy as the first story in the Gear Dreary universe is The Nut Job. (As of now, the working title for the universe is Hellion Four and so I will be using that in reference to it on this site)

Thank You,


Something Wicked, Something New…

Starting next week I will be doing something new on this page. It will be similar to something I tried to do with Wattpad while I was writing Into Darkness, but on a larger scale.

I will start posting weekly snippets of my next novel, “Dead Friends.” The book is unfinished, but the goal is to post a chapter a week and allow everyone the chance to read it, give feedback as well as point out grammar, spelling issues and just odd turn’s of phrase I sometimes use. All feedback is welcome.

Some of what will be post may or may not be included in the final novel when its released, most will. It will be a collaboration of reader and author and you get to see the behind the scenes on how my mind works. Well most of it anyways. I’m not going to upload my chapter notes and things like that. With how chaotic those notes are, I am probably doing you a favor.

So check back each week as every Tuesday something should be posted.