Dollar Funerals

If anyone knows me, they know that I have always been heavily influenced by Stephen King. Not only I a fan of his stories, but also a fan of how he has handled much of his career (I am not referencing all the money he has made). One aspect especially that has always impressed was his openness to allow and help any students who would like to use his work for a film, that they may do so. I of course referring to the ‘dollar babies’.

Well, I have decided that in the spirit of openness and to continue my support for independent film, I am making my works open for any independent filmmaker to adapt for only $1. This will continue even as my work progresses and I will try to keep an updated list of available works.

Available Work:

Email to set up the licensing.

    • “Roadside Assistance”
    • “Saying Good-bye”
    • “Rest Area”
    • “Black Friday Massacre”
    • “One Bad Night”
    • “Coming Home”
    • “Spiders in from the Garden”
    • “Bed Bugs”
    • “Silently Screaming”