Hatching some positive reviews…

Hatched has had a string of really positive reviews lately and I thought I would share a few of them with you…

5 Stars

Creepy, Crawly, Heebee, Jeebees In The Best Possible Way

This book was gloriously creepy. The idea of a viral spider outbreak just makes my skin crawl. For a story to illicit the amount of fidgeting and searching for that ever elusive spider crawling down your back, it is amazing.

A very original idea that was executed in a fast paced, character driven story. Can’t ask for more than that. I highly recommend this book.


4 Stars

Interesting concept and take on zombies!

I’ve read just about every zombie book around on audible. One of my favorite genres. This book was so far different than the others and that’s what made it awesome. It was cool seeing the becoming a zombie part of the story as you don’t really see that in other books. Story left off at a point where you definitely want more. Oh ya and I’m terrified of spiders and that made this book hard to get through…. In a good way lol.


5 Stars


I hate spiders! Even more now that I listened to this audible.
A unique idea for the start of a new horror series.

The narrator does a wonderful job with his narration.


Have you gotten your copy? It’s available to read free through Kindle Unlimited and on Audible. You can also request it at any local book store.


My 15 Minutes…

If you follow my facebook page, then you would have seen that I was featured in the Lasalle-Peru newspaper, the News Tribune. I had been interviewed a while back and knew that they had planned on publishing a piece, but I had not known the extent. When I had posted the link to their website on my Facebook page, I hadn’t seen the article, but only the online piece.

Click Here for the full article

It was a much larger piece than I had expected, and thought I would share it. Thank you to the News Tribune for giving me so much space. It is amazing to see it.

For more updates…

To the January Giveaway. I will be contacting winners soon through email. I thank everyone who participated and am humbled by those who continue to follow me and my work. I hope you continue reading.

As too Dead Friends…

The biggest forthcoming change is that starting next week, I will be posting a chapter ahead on my Patreon for those who are contributing. I’m not doing it to punish those who read for free, but instead want to give thanks to those who are paying to support my endeavors. I will still be posting free chapters to this page at the same regular intervals.

In addition, I’m going to be working on a Table of Contents for Dead Friends so that those who haven’t checked back in awhile while have a quick way of getting to the chapter you were on. We are going to soon be over 20 chapters, and I have already written 100,000 words of the story (or close to it) so there will be plenty to read. I hope that you continue to do so and continue to offer me great feedback into the story.

And now, I will talk about the nut house, or actually, The Nut Job. I have agreed to join the yet untitled universe of Gear Dreary. This is a post-apocalyptic future story currently being written by Mike Ennenbach. Once I am caught up on a few writing projects, I will be collaborating with him and adding some fiction to his ever increasing world. So that you can get your feet wet into that world, I will be sharing some of his fiction regularly to this site. I hope you enjoy as the first story in the Gear Dreary universe is The Nut Job. (As of now, the working title for the universe is Hellion Four and so I will be using that in reference to it on this site)

Thank You,