Book Review: Innocence by Dean Koontz

This book was much better than I expected it to be. I used to be a Dean Koontz fan, but had stopped reading his work around the time  the Odd Thomas books came out. I have tried reading his later stuff. There have been novels here and there that I’ve tried, but none of them could hold my attention past the opening couple of chapters. That has frustrated me as I hate giving up on a book.

I finally finished one of his more recent books, the first book in the Frankenstein series, and thought it was horrendous.

So I was greatly hesitant when I came into reading this book, had no clue what to expect, didn’t look up the description, I just started reading it as it was on sale and I thought, Why not….

Not only did I fall in love with this book, the characters and everything about it, the twists and turns, all of it… that I am now reinvigorated to give more Koontz books a second look.

The book follows Addison, a deformed young man who doesn’t know what it is, but something about his appearance drives men insane. It is due to this, that he stays hidden to the shadows, living under the city. He only leaves his underground dwelling at night, when it is safe to travel the city while others sleep.

It is on one of these travels when he comes across this girl who refused to be touched. It is through there odd relationship that the story unfolds as there is someone out to get her, and it is only together that they will find a way to survive.

This tale is beautiful in a dark and twisted sore of way that I love. It is not twisted in the way of gore, but in this amazing love story that happens as literally the world is ending around them. A disease is wiping out humanity and here we have this interesting love story that has so much to it. It is a great read, and so hard not to write a review about this book without giving away so much. Koontz did an excellent job of not giving away too much too soon, and keeping the secrets only at the fringe of what was happening.

I would highly recommend this book, and this is a series I will definitely purchasing the next book. I hope you enjoy it as well.


Purchase your copy today. Available in your local book store or on Amazon.
If in Wausau, WI, please make sure to buy your copy from Janke Books Store

Rating: 5/5

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